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Marrakech, the red city of Morocco, is the perfect place to start any trip through this fantastic country.

Marrakech aeroport

Marrakech can be visited at any time of the year, although in summer temperatures rise and it’s hot …

Bustling city, even crazy sometimes, hides corners and very rewarding experiences.

Like other Moroccan imperial cities, is divided in two parts: the center or old city, with the great Medina whose most emblematic place is the Jmaa el Fnaa Square, and outside the walls, the nouvelle ville built by the French during the years of the colonial domain with the neighborhoods of Hivernage and Guéliz.

Medina Marrakech

Can you visit Marrakech on your own ?, Of course! But nothing like hiring a good guide to know in depth the places of interest that it offers.

Many travelers when visiting Marrakech want to see everything in 3 hours … Big mistake!!! Bearing in mind that in Morocco and especially for Moroccans time runs at a different speed, it is best to get the tranquility of its people and slow down the rhythm. In Morocco one of the most popular sayings is “there is no hurry, hurry kills …”

cafe in jmaa el fnaaChatting while smooking cachimba







While it is true that one can not leave Marrakech without visiting the wonderful Bahía Palace, bargaining in the medina or spending time entertaining in the lively Jmaa el Fnaa Square, it is no less true that one of the best pleasures is to spend a while sitting in a cafe drinking a good tea while watching the comings and goings of the people.

Tea in Jmaa el Fnaa Square

Places of interest to visit in Marrakech:

The Bahia Palace
The Saadian Tombs
The Majorelle Gardens
The Yves St. Laurent Museum
The Menara Gardens
The Jmaa el Fnaa Square
The Medina
The Koutoubia

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A Morocco trip requires planning, in Activity Morocco Tours want to help you so that we start a new blog !!!

I am Magda and in it I am going to talk about Morocco, a country that literally I fell in love.

I came to Morocco to visit, as someone who says purely coincidentally …

So accidental that in 8 months I left my home in Barcelona. So I loaded four things in a van and moved to live definitely in this captivating country. That’s more than 4 years ago.

I want to share with you what, how, when and where of everything I see and live in Morocco. Practical information, sometimes curious, so that you can plan a trip through Morocco,  totally personalized and entirely to your liking.

I hope to know how to transmit my feelings, experiences and information so that you also get to fall in love with Morocco.

I see you in the blog !!!


Jmaa el Fnaa Square - Morocco Trip


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